Dear ECEC members,


I am inviting you to register a team to attend Walk Alongside: A Parent Engagement Forum, which will be held at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, SK from Thursday, May 31st through Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.


Walk Alongside: A Parent Engagement Forum will offer participants the opportunity to:

·        deepen their understanding of what parent engagement is, why it matters, and how to embed it in practice,

·        interrupt the taken for grantedness of schooling to create a landscape on which parent knowledge is honoured and used alongside teacher knowledge to shape curriculum, teaching, and learning,

·        work together in a “gentle revolution” to have parent and family engagement become an integral aspect of all schools.

Walk Alongside: A Parent Engagement Forum is unique in many ways. It offers:

·        Team registration only (one member of which must be a parent),

·        Facilitated team planning time,

·        Inter-team dialogue,

·        Community-based experiences,

·        Extended workshops,

·        Relational learning environment,

·        Personalized follow-up.

With 50 years of research evidence that attest to the benefit of parent engagement, we have an educational and moral imperative to systematically engage parents in their children’s teaching and learning. This parent engagement forum will contribute to moving us toward this end.


Please see the attached flyer and visit our website for detailed information about the parent engagement forum. To promote a connected learning community, registration is limited to 120 participants. Register early to ensure your team is part of this signature event!


Feel invited to be in touch if you want to chat with me in person about this upcoming event. I can be reached at 306-230-5885.


Warm regards,

Debbie Pushor

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