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  • Provincial Executive

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    • President: Janine Hayward

    • Vice-President: Chantal Deibert

      Hi, my name is Chantal Deibert. This is my 7th year of teaching in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. I am currently teaching Grade 3 at St. Peter School and I absolutely love it! I have been a part of the Saskatchewan ECEC since 2008 through attending past conferences and being part of the Saskatoon Local, the Conference Committee and the Executive Council; in a variety of different roles. We would love to have some wonderful new faces on our committees, so please contact us if you would like to get involved! :) 

    • Treasurer: Klarissa Komarnicki

      Klarissa is presently teaching Grade 1/2 at Georges Vanier Catholic Fine Arts School with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. She has been involved in the ECEC Provincial Executive  and the Conference Committee for many years in various positions.She is passionate about early childhood education and enjoys her time serving on the ECEC committee.

    • Membership/Website Coordinator: Kim Deibert

      Kim is in her 34th year of teaching Kindergarten for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, currently at Holy Family School. She has served in many positions on the Provincial ECEC and is the Saskatoon Local President. 

    • Local Liaison: Kara Fidelack

      KARA FIDELACK: Kara is a Pre-Kindergarten and Grade 1 teacher in Hudson Bay, SK. She was previously part of the ECEC executive as a Member At Large and has since taken up the position of Local Liaison. She is excited for this opportunity to network and share her passion of early childhood with others in the province!

    • Editor: Lorelei Clifford

    • Bursaries and Scholarships: Angela Yeaman

      Angela is in her 21st year of teaching.  She is currently working for Sask. Rivers Public School Division as a Student Support Services Consultant.  Angela has served in several different positions on the Provincial and ECEC Conference executives.  She is passionate about professionally networking and supporting those working in early childhood education.

    • Secretary: Bojana Krienke

      Bojana Dautbegovic-Krienke is presently in her fourth year as an Early Learning and Literacy Consultant with the Saskatoon Public School Division.  Bojana taught Kindergarten for  five years before moving into the primary grades and working on her Masters of Education through the U of S.  Bojana is currently serving as secretary on the ECEC board and is learning a great deal alongside her colleagues.   She is passionate about collaboratively working and learning from early childhood educators across our province to  support our youngest learners.

    • Past President: Klarissa Komarnicki

  • Members at Large
    • Suzanne Bronkhorst / Chera Suwala / Donna Pearson / Alison Hamilton / Taylor Pfeil / Jillian Granello


      Chera Suwala is presently a Kindergarten Teacher at St. Lorenzo school with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division.  She has 16 years of teaching experience and has 4 children under the age of 11 years old.  She is very excited to be part of the Provincial ECEC committee.








      Jillian Granello: I currently teach at Arm river Colony School with Prairie Valley School Division. I teach a multi grade split for every subject, with a focus on early years language arts and Math. I am also the school LST. I have been teaching for almost 10 years with 5 different school divisions! 








      Alison Hamilton:  I am a grade one teacher in at Cut Knife Elementary School.  I have been teaching grade one in Cut Knife for five years. This is my first year on the Early Childhood Education Committee as a member at large.  I am excited about networking with other Early Childhood Educators!














      Suzanne Bronkhorst holds a master degree  in early childhood education. She has been teaching for  French Immersion for 26 years.  She is currently a French Immersion kindergarten for Greater Saskatoon Catholic.  Suzanne sees herself as someone who is always learning and strives to authentically teach an additional language through play and art.

  • Student Members at Large
    • Kelli Stangeland / Rebecca Kennedy/ Jordanne Estergaard / Kaitlynn Pollock

       Jordanne Estergaard

      Hello, my name is Jordanne Estergaard. I moved here 3 years ago from Ontario and am now in my final year of Education at the U of S. I am specialized in the Early Years education and would like to eventually end up teaching in the Early Years ideally. I have a passion for teaching in the early years and am excited to get my career started! My internship was done at Caswell School in Prekindergarten and I absolutely LOVED it! I can't wait to get out into the field and make an impact within the Early Years Education field. I have attended workshops put on by the ECEC and I am excited to become more involved as an active member!

      Kaitlynn Pollock

      I grew up in Saskatoon and have one daughter who is nine years old. I love to travel and hope to teach abroad one day. currently finishing my fourth year of education at the University of Saskatchewandid my internship at Warman Elementary in kindergarten. I loved being in kindergarten and hope that is where i end up. I am passionate about early learning and cannot wait to get out there and have my own classroom one day! 


      Kelli Strangeland

      Hi! My name is Kelli Stangeland and I teach K-2 at Eastend School. I am in my first year of teaching and am absolutely loving it! I joined this committee because I desire to be part of a passionate community of early childhood educators who come together to learn, grow, and support one another.

      Rebecca Kennedy

      I started my career with my ECE certificate and loved it so much that I decided to keep going with my education and received my Bachelors of Education degree in the spring of 2019. My passion is early learning and learning through play and exploration. My hope is to be an influential educator in the lives of children so that they develop the same love of learning that I have.


  • Local Executives

    Our provincial organization supports local ECEC organizations around the province.  If you are interested in creating a local in your area, please contact us!  Check our events page for updates on locally hosted professional development opportunities in your area.


      PRESIDENT-Laura Blender

      Secretary-/Treasurer- Kristen Nagy

      Communication- Crystal Swidzinski

      Social- Brenda Wizniak

      Publicity-Ashley Livingston

      Members at Large: 

      Lana Steiner

      Nancy Zawislak

      Janel Kindratsky

      Kendal Hack


      PRESIDENT-Kim Deibert

      Treasurer-Chantal Deibert

      Committee Members:

      Jen Stensrud

      Suzanne Brokhorst

      Jolyne Drury

      Rebecca Kennedy

      Anna Disanto-Johnston



      President-Chantal Ntibategera

      Co-President/Secretary-   Lorelei Clifford

      Treasurer/Publicity- Angela Yeaman 



      Name: Jillian Granello


      Name: Jessica Tiefenbach


      Name: Fawn Sullivan


      Name: Sheena Hendriks