If I could turn back time...

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A REFLECTION BY our Website and Membership Coordinator, Kim Deibert

Well, this is my 2nd Farewell Tour, just like Cher! I’ve been involved with ECEC since 1985. It was in 1990 that I presented at my first conference, ECEC’s one and only Western Canada Conference! Then in 2000 I co-chaired my first conference with Kim Dyck. I’ve worn many hats on the ECEC executive:

  • Saskatoon Local Executive member
  • Local president
  • Various Conference Committee positions
  • Assistant Editor
  • Editor
  • President
  • Past-President
  • Membership and Website Coordinator.


I ended my first ‘tour’ with ECEC in 2013 by chairing the conference that Greg and Steve were at. I have been using their music since I started teaching in 1984 and was overjoyed to meet them in person! I returned to the ECEC a few years ago, on my 2nd tour. Other highlights for me have been meeting and maintaining a friendship with author/illustrator Denise Fleming, meeting Raffi, Charlotte Diamond, Barbara Reid, Tedd Arnold, and many more! I cannot begin to express how wonderful it has been to be a part of this organization. I have met so many awesome colleagues, authors, speakers and made wonderful friends in the process.  As I look forward to retiring next year, I take with me all of the excellent professional and personal development that ECEC has given me. I hope that this organization can continue to provide amazing opportunities for teachers of our littlest citizens, and then those teachers bring that learning to the development of their little hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits.  “If I Could Turn Back Time”, I wouldn’t change a thing!

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