Renowned Early Childhood author passed away this year.  I believe she was a keynote at one time. Book review AUTHENTIC CHILDHOOD     

A great workshop but also some posted projects from participants: To register: project page: :     …

This is one of my most favorite sites. You need a membership to access the full site, but there are many free items to watch as well as downloads of articles.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WEBSITE : VIDEATIVES CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES: Helping…


A great website and recipe for sensory / natural playdough!  I will have parents sign up to make the basic dough monthly and then divide it and add ingredients.

fnesc resources click here for free download page and here for the primary resource 

Here is the recipe for the Playdoh Jen used at the Playful Literacy Workshop   2 C. Flour  1 C. Salt 3 Tbsp. Vinegar  2 Tbsp. Oil 2 C. Hot Water    And here is the Opal School website where the Playful Literacy ideas originated:…

Complimentary eArticles   Below you will find free, downloadable eArticles in PDF format. Videatives offers these resources to you as a way to introduce you to some of their views on constructivist education.

A great early learning/kindergarten website:

Here is an excellent resource for Reggio/Inquiry Inspired mathematics for early learning (K-3)!!!