A great workshop but also some posted projects from participants: To register:  https://www.stf.sk.ca/professional-resources/events-calendar project page: :  https://www.stf.sk.ca/professional-resources/saskatchewan-professional-development-unit/resources/responding-children%E2%80%99s     …

This is one of my most favorite sites. You need a membership to access the full site, but there are many free items to watch as well as downloads of articles.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WEBSITE : VIDEATIVES CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES: https://videatives.com/taxonomy/term/1114 Helping…

WHAT AN AWESOME BLOG RESOURCE!! http://smittenreggioteaching.com/?p=1402&subscribe=success#blog_subscription-2

A great website and recipe for sensory / natural playdough!  I will have parents sign up to make the basic dough monthly and then divide it and add ingredients.  https://www.cooksmarts.com/articles/homemade-scented-play-dough-recipes/

fnesc resources click here for free download page and here for the primary resource 

Here is the recipe for the Playdoh Jen used at the Playful Literacy Workshop   2 C. Flour  1 C. Salt 3 Tbsp. Vinegar  2 Tbsp. Oil 2 C. Hot Water    And here is the Opal School website where the Playful Literacy ideas originated:  http://www.portlandcm.org/teaching-and-learning/opal-sc…

Complimentary eArticles   Below you will find free, downloadable eArticles in PDF format. Videatives offers these resources to you as a way to introduce you to some of their views on constructivist education.  https://videatives.com/taxonomy/term/1114

A great early learning/kindergarten website:  http://fairydustteaching.com/

Here is an excellent resource for Reggio/Inquiry Inspired mathematics for early learning (K-3)!!!  http://janicenovkam.typepad.com/reggioinspired_mathematic/ https://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/131278007X/typepad05-20