A few of the girls in my class were playing house with a doll. They were sitting down to a meal together and feeding their baby. I overheard one of the girls say "She spit up! That's french for 'she puked' ".

Some of the kids in my class were talking about when they were born. One girl said, "I was born on my birthday".

A girl in my class told me that it was her Dad's birthday that day. I asked her how old her dad was, but she didn't know. Another girl piped up, "I know how you can figure it out, think how old was your dad yesterday, and then think what number comes next".

I had been getting frustrated with my pre-k class and had to use my stern voice with them. I’m quite a soft touch, so I didn’t think that my “stern” voice would bother them. But later, I overheard one girl plotting with another, “Let’s sneak up to her, reach our hands into her stomach, pull out her voice and then put in her nicer one.”

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