The Erosion of Play-Patrick Lewis

An article titled, "The Erosion of Play" which went through many iterations thanks to multiple reviewers from a variety of journals has finally been published in the International Journal of Play (4 year journey!)

The publisher gives authors 50 free eprints so if you are interested, here is the link:)



This paper argues children’s play is being eroded across four distinct areas: commercial media; fear and safety concerns; school curriculum and policy; and ideology. Drawing upon research evidence, theory and practice, the assertion is explored and supported to argue the significant consequences of play, its absence, manipulation and erosion. The argument demonstrates the difficulty of escaping ‘the rhetorics of play’ as articulated by Sutton-Smith [(1997). The ambiguity of play. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press]. The contestation of play is not new, but what has emerged recently are discussions of play’s value, both in and out of school with emphasis on the importance of play and its contribution to child development and learning. Yet, despite all the research and discussion, there seems to be an erosion of play occurring across several play landscapes with the result of not necessarily a loss of play rather a decidedly narrower view of play.

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Dr. Patrick J. Lewis, Professor 
Early Childhood Education, 
Elementary Program Chair, 
Editor, in education 
Faculty of Education 
University of Regina 
twitter: @pjlewis7 

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