On Line Day Planner

I have been using Planbookedu.com for three years now.  It is an online dayplanner.  The benefits of playbookedu.com are:

  • able to move and copy lessons within your planbook, but also from previous planbooks.  So, I can check back to what I was doing at this time last year, and copy a lesson into my current planbook.
  • outcomes are saved into the database, then when planning a lesson, you just choose the subject are and choose the outcome you are working on.  You can choose outcomes from different subject areas. (A lot of SK outcomes are already saved into the data base, but if your grade level isn't, you have the option of manually inputting them and then saving them so others can use them).
  • You can print a day using a word document for use when you have a sub.
  • You can work on your day plan from home or at school.
  • You can embed presentations or videos into your day plan.

Planbookedu.com costs $25/year.  There is a free version, but it doesn't let you do all the options covered above.

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