Number Recognition Math Game

I came across this number recognition game on pinterest.  It is very easy to play and all you need is a piece of paper with numbers 0-10 on it and a pencil.  I played this game with Kindergarten students at the beginning of the year.  Most of them got the game, a few were still struggling with counting.  For those struggling students, I didn't give them the paper and pencil, they played without.

This game is called Rock, Paper, Number.  Most kids are familiar with Rock, Paper, Scissors.  It is played the same way, except when they say number, they stick up fingers on one hand (0-5).  Players then count the fingers together to get a number from 0-10.  Players circle the number on their paper that matches the number that they got.  When all the numbers on the sheet have been circled, they win!  My students loved playing this game!

Here is the link to the page I found it on:


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