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Here is an excellent resource for Reggio/Inquiry Inspired mathematics for early learning (K-3)!!!  http://janicenovkam.typepad.com/reggioinspired_mathematic/ https://www.amazon.ca/exec/obidos/ASIN/131278007X/typepad05-20 

Here are two great information pieces about teaching the elements of art in the classroom. Kim Deibert will be presenting at the 2015 Conference: Growing the Whole Child! Ten lessons the Arts Teach How Process Art Experiences Support PreSchoolers


I have been using Planbookedu.com for three years now.  It is an online dayplanner.  The benefits of playbookedu.com are: able to move and copy lessons within your planbook, but also from previous planbooks.  So, I can check back to what I was doing at this time last year, and copy a lesson in…

Here are two daily 5 evaluation sheets.  The first one is a self evalution for Read to Someone, and the second is an evaluation form for Listen to Reading.  Thanks to Diane Burningham from Reynolds Central School in Melfort for submitting these! Read to Someone Self Evaluation Listen to Reading …

I came across this number recognition game on pinterest.  It is very easy to play and all you need is a piece of paper with numbers 0-10 on it and a pencil.  I played this game with Kindergarten students at the beginning of the year.  Most of them got the game, a few were still struggling with co…

  Funky Artsmiths - Click here to find more information

Click here for information about an upcoming Social Thinking Workshop in Saskatoon on Oct 18. Save the date

I came across this website through a class I am taking.  There are some great resources for Health/Social.  Check it out! Learning to Give